Here you will find testimonials from previous clients. I’d appreciate if you would like to leave your own as it’s helpful to those considering to book a consultation.

Per requests I now have two pages for testimonials, one English and one Swedish.

Please scroll down to leave your own feedback. Thank you!

4 kommentarer till Testimonials

  1. Anges de Lumiere skriver:

    I offered to be a guinea pig for Lotta to practice her mediumship but I tell you this girl has talent. When she feels ready to launch herself into the world as a medium she will be a big hit (personally I think she is ready now). She gave me the gift of messages from my adored aunt Joelle who died last summer and although this brought tears for me, it also brought a sense of peace that is absolutely priceless. Lotta said my auntie Joelle mentioned my hair. Lotta had no way of knowing that my aunt used to play with my hair and ask me to let it down and turn into the afro that it naturally does if I don’t try to tame it. As a girl of the sixties and one enthusiastic member of Women’s Lib, she wanted my hair to be wild (and was even jealous of it). I, on the other hand, was an ambitious young lawyer and didn’t know what to do with it. What a good laugh. Love you Auntie. Miss you. Good to know you’re happy. Looks like you’re proud of me. ♥

  2. Annie Tokars Kolpin skriver:

    Lotta— The special gift you gave me by doing a medium reading for me on my Mom’s birthday meant more to me than words can express. Your accuracy was really beyond any experience or expectation. You brought so much joy to me in our reading and triggered memories I had tucked away in my mind for 27 years back to life for me. Connecting with my mom through you will be something I will treasure forever. Thank you from the bottom of my heart –You are an amazing friend.


  3. Ida Zelaya skriver:

    Lotta is a warm and loving and ACCURATE intuitive reader. I love how she brings the messages with such care and tenderness. I’ve had many sessions with Lotta and she’s spot-on EVERY time.

    In these difficult times I’m experiencing now, Lotta assures me that everything’s going to be OK. And she repeats it over and over again with such confidence and love. And so it is.

    Thank you, Lotta, for EVERYTHING.

    Much love,
    Baltimore, Maryland

  4. Dear Lotta,

    Thank you so much for the reading Tuesday morning. It gave me an unexpected insight to my Mother and her wishes, hopes, dreams and disappointments. I see her in a different light. That is very good. She is finally happy now. I still do not know who the little boy by her side is, so I am guessing that must be one of her brothers.

    Contact with my Husband is reassuring and his forgiveness has lightened my heart.
    His love of life, myself and the animals brought a smile to my soul. Yes, I sat out in the sun today and will do so every chance I get.

    Lotta, you are a joy to work with. I was instantly comfortable with you. Your compassion touched me. Your heart was open and you were so gentle with me. For that I thank you. As a result of our session I was able to have a major release. I could feel a major shift happening and could not put a sentence together. Please keep in touch so I can see you blossom in your work. Actually, you are very bright right now!!

    You have my highest recommendation. You have my permission to use this testimonial.

    Josephine Forrester
    Las Vegas, Nedada


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