What is an intuitive reading?
A session can provide more clarity about where you stand in life and where you are heading, based on the choices you have made until now. When I ‘read’ people  it is not just about about what’s around and in front of that person, a session may also, depending on the person I read, be about the Inner Self. It can be emotional things that need to be processed such as anger or sadness, or self worth issues.
Every session is unique and based on who you are as a person. A session can help you move forward in life with greater clarity and focus and a feeling you have received the tools needed to make the changes you wish to make.
It’s all about getting information about your situation that you might not be aware of yet. The more information you have, the better choices and decisions you can make.
$100/One hour
$55/30 minutes
$30/15 minutes
$22/1 question